Why GeoSource Energy?

GeoSource Energy operates under ECA Number 6747-8X9QZW issued by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

GeoSource Energy is an energy design-build company focused on sustainable/renewable energy sourced through Geothermal. “We harness the power of the earth.” We are 100% commercial with an emphasis on commercial projects — 85% new build, 15% retrofits.

Our onsite “power plants” provide a Sustainable and Renewable energy source balanced with a short term payback through significantly lower operating costs. Our proven systems provide high-end living and working comfort at a standard HVAC investment.

Why GeoSource?

We focus on Energy and Green solutions that Pay today.

We are Local and the most Experienced in Southern Ontario

We Drill and Install 100% of our Geo Fields

  • ‘Buried’ Quality drives real results
  • On Budget — Time & Design

We are a Technology Leader

  • Largest and most Modern Fleet in Southern Ontario
  • Innovative processes
    • Consistent Production
    • Safety — Industry Leadership

We are a Knowledge Leader

  • Installation
    • More installations in Southern Ontario over the past 8 years.
  • Engineering & Design
    • Partner with Design Team to Balance overall Energy goals
    • On staff P.Eng

What makes GeoSource different is our dedication to innovation and quality in design and installation. We place our geo exchange loops up to 600 feet below the surface. We are challenged by many things such as geology and weather but our investment in equipment, People and systems allow us to control our challenges and always deliver on-time and on-budget.

Harnessing the power of the earth!