GeoSource Energy aims to increase Ontario's energy efficiency and reduce Ontario's impact on it's environment!

Themal Conductivity Testing (TC Test):

In order to accurately design and install a ground heat-exchanger for the purposes of heating and cooling a building you need to study the ability of the ground to absorb and release energy by doing what is known as an “in-situ thermal conductivity test.” By using our state of the art GeoCube testing unit, GeoSource Energy is able to accurately collect and analyse thermal conductivity test data for you.

Vertical Drilling & Loop Installation:

With our versatile equipment and experienced drilling crews, GeoSource Energy is capable of handling any drilling job — regardless of geological conditions, size of loop field or depth of boreholes!

Loop Field Tie-in:

Our trained and certified tie-in crews are capable of tying in any size loop field using only industry approved standards along with the highest quality approved geothermal pipe. GeoSource Energy works diligently to ensure all pipe and fusions buried below the ground are installed to last for years to come.

HDPE Manifolds:

Loop Field Flushing & Antifreeze Installation:

It takes the right equipment to properly purge and flush your geothermal system — equipment which GeoSource Energy owns. With our powerful flush cart we are able to first clean and purge the system and then add the ethanol or glycol antifreeze.

Horizontal Geo-thermal Field Installation:

Harnessing the power of the earth!